The Denver Zoo just announced that they are expecting. A baby sloth, that is.

First, the Denver Zoo originally posted an ultrasound stating they were expecting, and then asked the public to take a guess.

Not all of the guesses were mammals or even animals. Some of the guesses included:

  • A cold front
  • Two testicles
  • A rhino
  • A panda
  • An elephant
  • An orangutang

No, it's not a bird, or a reptile, or any of the above -- it's a sloth. After a couple days of playing the guessing game, the zoo announced what animal was really in the ultrasound.

Sloths are pregnant for 10 months. This means the Denver Zoo is expecting the baby sloth anytime between now through late February.

The baby sloth is especially significant because of its the first baby of two sloths that were paired together in a species survival program.

I think a "congratulations' are in order.

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