Congratulations are in order because the Denver Zoo has welcomed a baby sloth. This is the first baby born at the Denver Zoo in 2018.

Although the sloth was born on Sunday, its debut is today. Just look at that mama's sweet embrace while she's mid-lick. The baby sloth has been attached to its mama since it was born, which normal for all babies. Especially sloths.

The baby sloth will stay attached to its mom for at least six months, according to the Denver Post. The sloth's mama, Charlotte, was pregnant for a whole ten months. That sounds like a month just too long.

This baby sloth is especially important because its parents were paired together in a species survival program. This is their first child together. (Awww.)

Before the sloth was born, the Denver Zoo posted an ultrasound and asked for people to take a guess. The guesses included anything from a cold front to an elephant.

Turns out its something much smaller and a whole lot cuter to deal with than a cold front. You can go see the baby sloth now at the Denver Zoo's Bird Room.

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