I love animals so much, sometimes more than people. After asking on our Facebook, these are the best places to hang out with animals here in Colorado.

I have a cat and fish at home, but I need more animals in my life. I've only been the Downtown Aquarium in Denver so I needed some help to figure out where to go. We asked you this on our Facebook:

And these are the best places to hang out with animals in Colorado, according to you.

#1 - Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Acording to you, the best place to go post up with animals is at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is in Colorado Springs and has animals like giraffes, monkeys and rhinos. (Oh my.)

#2 - Wild Animal Sanctuary

The second best place to hang out with animals in Colorado is at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg. Every fur baby in there was rescued from a bad situation and are lucky to be alive. The Wild Animal Sanctuary has ostriches, wolves, leopards and more. I've always wanted to meet my spirit animal, a wolf.

Here are some more of the places you suggest to hang out with adorable animals:

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