Colorado zoo animals miss people coming to see them, according to their zookeepers. Meet the Colorado zoo animals at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo that are missing you.

The animals at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo haven't had any visitors since March 17 due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to OutThereColorado. They're used to thousands of people coming to see them every day and they're wondering what's going on.

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The animals at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo are craving more attention and affection, according to their zookeepers. Even though the animals are being taken care of by zookeepers daily, they're grown accustomed to having crowds around. Giraffes, wallabies, and monkeys have been seen searching for their people.

Meet the Colorado zoo animals that are currently missing you at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, which is in Colorado Springs.

Meet the Colorado Zoo Animals Who Are Missing You

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