I have been in Colorado most of my life. I never tire of the beauty of it.

With as much natural beauty that is in this state, I don't understand how anyone could tire of it. From one end of the state to the other, you will find amazing views, beautiful scenery and, at times, stories of heartbreak.

But always you find something to take your breath away.

Every time I see something like Long's Peak, so majestic, and snow-capped, it gives me pause, it makes me smile, and it makes me proud. Proud to live in Colorado and be a Coloradan.

Long's Peak rises 14,259 feet and is where you will find Trail Ridge Road, one of the most impressive drives you can take in our state, except now, that is. The road is so high when the snow falls, the road closes.

If you're a winter hiker or climber, you will love this place. Obviously, it's breathtakingly gorgeous and worth the drive to get there.

But just look at that video. I would love to wake up and see that out of my bedroom window every day. One more reason I have this amazing love affair with this amazing state.

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