One of the most scenic drives on the planet is one that you have to wait to enjoy.

Wait no more, my friends, get in the car and let's go!

The "Highway to the Sky" actually reopened on Thursday, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. And if you have never had the chance to drive this amazing highway, take a look at the video.

Trail Ridge Road peaks at 12,183 feet and the views are legendary. The drive itself from start to finish, with no stopping takes around two hours to complete. That is, if you don't stop. When I took this drive for the first time I felt like a kid. I stopped probably seven or eight times to get pictures and just stare.

Snow removal began in earnest in mid April and, as you can imagine, there was a lot of it.

Now, though, you can see why it gets closed every year. Hard to imagine all that snow sat there just a few weeks ago and yet, nice and clear and absolutely beautiful.

Trail Ridge Road is the highest paved road in the National Park system in the United States and is 48 miles of pure scenic heaven. See you up there!

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