Two experienced climbers from Maine were stranded atop Longs Peak for two days during an ice storm made their way down Friday (September 13) morning.

Suzanne Turell and Connie Yang were on a backcountry trip on Colorado's 14,259-foot Longs Peak when they were stranded by an unexpected ice storm.

Connie sent a series of text messages to her sister from Suzannes's mobile explaining their situation. Connie's sister set up a Tumblr page to keep family and friends informed, as well as ask for help of anyone in the area.

Climbers trapped on Colorado peak get down on their own

The climbers provided their exact coordinates, stated that there were no injuries and they were concerned about hypothermia.

Suzanne and Connie were well outfitted for the unpredictable Colorado weather, but were not prepared for the winter-like storm that hit Longs.

Rocky Mountain National Park service was in the process of sending out a search and rescue operation when the two women had already made a safe decent. The details on how the two women made their way down are still not know.

Major flooding in the area and roads being impassible, made it nearly impossible for crews to reach them.

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