Longs Peak is Colorado's deadliest mountain.

As the Colorado summer tourism season gets underway the "14ers" will start seeing more climbers determined to make it to their summits. Longs Peak, the only mountain inside The Rocky Mountain Nation Park to ascend above 14,000 feet, is Colorado's most dangerous and deadly.

Every year there are those who try to reach the summit and fail. For a few, the attempt will cost them their lives. Most recently, climber Jens Yambert went missing while attempting to reach the summit when a winter storm hit the mountain. His body was later recovered after he apparently fell 200-feet to his death.

The first documented party to reach the top of Longs Peak was led by John Wesley Powell in the summer of 1868. Since that first successful trip to the top, hundreds of thousands of others have followed in Powell's footsteps. It's a popular climb. Every year, an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 people attempt to make it to the top.


Since 1915 through 2017, 374 visitors to Rocky Mountain National Park have died while visiting the park. Of those deaths, 67 have been associated with Longs Peak and their attempt to summit the mountain. Most are killed from falls, others from exposure, heart attacks, lightning strikes, and exhaustion.

Only seasoned and highly-skilled climbers should attempt reaching the top of Long's Peak. The mountain deserves respect and has earned its place at Colorado's "most deadly" mountain.

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