Two Colorado lawmakers have proposed Bill 1374 that would give our veterans free licenses for hunting and fishing.

It's called the 'Colorado Heroes Hunting and Fishing Act.' Two Colorado politicians are pushing for this bill to go through. Jessie Danielson of Wheat Ridge and Barbara McLachlan are behind this effort to salute our hometown heroes with free hunting and fishing privileges.

It has a long way to go through the process and there are some nay-sayers. According to a report, this bill would cost the state of Colorado approximately $1.6 billion a year. Since hunting and fishing fees and have not gone up since 2005, this may be where the proposed lost money would have to come from.

There is a lot of a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo in this article, but basically, I am asking for your opinion on this. The $1.6 billion will have to be made up somewhere. Is this a worthy enough cause for taxpayers to foot the bill in another area?

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