Have you ever wondered what a store looks like as it dies?

After 28 years serving Grand Junction, the store at 1st and Rood is set to close and we wanted to see what a dying store looks like as it moves toward closing.

Aisle after aisle, row after row the shelves are becoming emptier and emptier.

It's sad now to walk around that store. The store I used to visit on a regular basis when I lived downtown that used to have such vibrant, smiling employees looks like a wake now.

Employees, as you can understand, are sad and more than just a bit ticked off that this store would be closing on January 18. The store is closing due to declining revenue, but that doesn't sit well with people who live in the most densely populated part of the city, as they now have no neighborhood grocery store to go to.

The company did what it could to keep the doors open, but it was unable to do so any longer, so yet another neighborhood store is gone.

One more week and it will all be gone.

City Market Shelves Bare

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