Don't have any friends or just need more! No worries there's a website that can hook you up!

No I'm not talking about some new social media crazy like My Space, Twitter or Facebook. I'm talking about

Rent A Friend has people from around the world available you can hire to be your friends!

You could rent a friend to attend family gatherings, social events, parties, Brandi from our traffic department said you could rent a friend to be your wing man of love, Tommy from 95 Rock said he'd rent a friend to be a cooler carry for events, one of our co-workers Karen said she'd rent a friend to take her to Michale Bolton & Waylon Jordan says he's rent a friend to pose as him for a day so he could get caught up on all those little things that need to be done!

Maybe you moved to a new town and need someone to show you around, you could rent a friend for that!

Heck you could dang near rent a friend for anything just don't do it for companionship. That's called something else and you can be arrested for it!

Would you rent a friend? If so what for?

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