According to the Department of Numbers, the average rent in Grand Junction Colorado in the metro in 2017 was $928 average rent was $894 in 2017. We will get new numbers in September of 2019. The U.S average rent is $1,012 Colorado average rent is $1,240 and Grand Junction average rent is $928.

The numbers just came out for Durango and if you want to live there it will cost you. According to a new housing report, the price for a two-bedroom in Durango will run you about $1,400 per month. So, it's about $600 dollars cheaper to live in Grand Junction.

Most people either have to have a really good paying job or roommates to be able to afford to rent in Colorado. Do you have a roommate or do you share rent with another person and how much do you pay in rent per month? I remember living in Colorado Springs in 2007 and my rent was $1,300 a month for a two bedroom house. I have since downsized and now live in an apartment.

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