Road trip season is coming fast to the Centennial State. In just a couple more weeks our mountain highways will open up allowing us to crisscross the state seeking out some of our bucket-list destinations.

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Just in time for our 2024 season of exploring, "Cheapism" has released a list of the biggest waste of time tourist traps in each state. Keep going to see which popular Colorado destination you should drive right past in favor of something else.

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Famous Colorado Attraction Named "Worst Tourist Trap"

You can scroll through the list of tourist traps in all 50 states by visiting Cheapism here. I laughed out loud at a few of the stops along the way. I've lived in nine different states and it was amusing to see some familiar places on the list like the McDonald's in Alabama that created a display commemorating the time Ronald Regan once stopped by to get a hamburger. Also on the list of time wasters are Navy Pier in Chicago, the World's Largest Ball of Paint in Indiana, and Arizona's OK Corral.

Cheapism Says 16th Street Mall Is Overhyped

According to Cheapism, Colorado's biggest waste of time tourist trap is in downtown Denver (big surprise). They selected Denver's 16th Street Mall as Colorado's tourist trap to avoid. If you are trying to escape the summer heat the 16th Street Mall is a great place to cool off. It covers about 1.3 miles in downtown Denver and is often compared to Times Square in New York, or Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

16th Street Mall Needs More Colorado

What makes the 16th Street Mall a big waste of time for some Coloradans? It's likely due to very little of the merchandise found inside the mall is unique to Colorado. It's loaded with chain stores and merchandise you can find almost anywhere. What's fun about that?

Keep going to check out more tourist traps in our state that don't need to be near the top of your bucket list, along with our picks for Colorado tourist traps that ARE worth the trip.

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