Let's face it, every state has something that makes it unique and identifiable to mainly only natives or long time residents. So just how Colorado are you?

Movoto has come up with the 10 things only people from Colorado can truly understand.

I was lucky enough to be born and raised in this great, groundbreaking and ever-changing state, but there are somethings that never change,

Here are my favorite five of the bunch:

  • Go Broncos!

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    We bleed Orange and Blue no matter how many Super Bowls we lose -- for the record, it's four losses and two wins.

  • Mmm Mmm Beer

  • Colorado's State Car

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    Everyone in Colorado drives a Subaru. There is some truth to that. But it's mainly wanting to drive a great all-wheel-drive practical car in both the summer and the winter. And for the record, I'm more of a Jeep man.

  • Coloradans Embrace Snow

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    Blizzards are just another daily occurrence during winter. We don't shut down for just a few inches of snow -- we laugh. It takes snow fall of epic proportions to shut us down, and even then we'll just go skiing.

  • Born With Skis + Boards

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    Speaking of skiing...yes many of us grew up on skies and snowboards like Californians grew up on skate and surfboards. It's a way of life, a time to spend time with friends and family.

    You haven't lived until you've experienced a bluebird day on top of a mountain 10,000 feet above sea level getting ready to point your tips down and disappear in a pillow of fresh virgin powder.