Do you know what Candy Canes were originally intended for?

Enjoy these bits of information, that Riley and I, did not know, about some classic Christmas holiday treats.

Thanks to the website we now know more about our favorite Holiday foods than ever before.  Food, and some drinks, really have become such an important part of this season, so why not amaze your friends with your dinner table knowledge.

If this had been a quiz, I (Keyes) would have failed miserably. But, I did see a few that will be a part of my future holidays plans. For example, following the Australian custom listed at #8 is going on my list.

Loved reading #3 about Candy Canes. Laughed out loud.

For those of you (us) counting calories, do not, I repeat, do not look at #9. Just close your eyes and skip to the next one!

#3 explains that Sugar Plums have nothing to do with plums!



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