What would the holidays be without a little scam alert?

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office is warning residents of a new scam revolving around home appliances. Reports are that these 'scammers' are knocking on doors and that they are from the County and are there to inspect home appliances. This does not happen legally. Do not let these people in your home.

The plan of this operation is to possibly steal or to fool someone into making some sort of a payment.

The Mesa County Building Department states that it will RARELY show up at your home. Especially unannounced.

'The only time our office will ever show up at anybody’s home without a permit, is if we've been told that there’s work going on without a permit. Our staff shows up in a county identified vehicle, they have a logo on their clothes, and they have an [identification] badge with them'

If you are approached by these people please contact the MCSO at (970) 244-3500.