Since the new year, there have been 397 cases of measles reported nationwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

In Colorado, a case was reported in January where the individual walked around town during the time the disease could have been spread. So far this has not occurred, but it does point out one very important thing. If you contract measles, stay away from others as much as possible.

Measles is a very easy disease to spread, as the nearly 400 cases nationwide would suggest. There are already 15 more cases reported in 2019 than there were in all of 2018, so this may be the start of something much more sinister. But what can we do to stem the tide?

First, make sure you and your family are vaccinated. There were stories plenty of the measles vaccine being a cause of autism, but that has been proven not true.

If someone in your family has contracted measles, keep them away from other people until the gestation period has ended.

Make sure, also, that you know how to identify measles and if you are unsure make sure you contact a health professional.

Let's stop it before it gets out of control.

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