A Denver adult who contracted measles overseas has brought the disease to Denver.

The individual, whose name and gender haven't been released had measles until January 9 and was highly contagious.

Now Denver Public Health, the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment are trying to contact anyone the individual may have come in contact with when the disease was at its most contagious.

Those most in danger are the ones who, for one reason or another have not been vaccinated. This includes the very young and people with weak immune systems.

Measles can spread easily through coughing and sneezing and can be extremely dangerous.

If you were inoculated, born before 1957 or have had measles before, you are less likely to contract the disease again.

Symptoms can include sneezing, runny nose red eyes that are sensitive to light and coughing. The disease can take up to 21 days to appear and is followed by the red rash you usually associate with measles. A person will be contagious for four days before the rash appears and four days after it's gone. During this time, avoid going anywhere in public.

If you or someone you know may have contracted measles, contact your health provider immediately.

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