The Denver Police have already started an investigation into an incident that involves their own officers. As yesterday a man by the name of Micheal Jacobs out of Boulder is speaking out after he says that he was "savagely" beaten by the Denver Police Department when he was arrested on July 29th, according to The Denver Channel. Michael also claims that one officer sexually assaulted him with a police baton.

Mr. Jacobs is a self-described student activist who was arrested during a 'Stop the Sweep' protest for homeless people across from the Colorado State Capitol in Lincoln Park. At the time of his arrest he was shaking a fence he then claims he was taken down by officers from behind. He claims the officers didn't announce themselves just took him down by what he thinks was his neck.

Obviously, no one knows what happened leading up to Jacobs being taken down. The video that Jacobs has shows an officer running toward him and several officers holding him down. There is a brief moment when you see an officer use his baton against Jacobs.

Law enforcement is saying that Jacobs was part of a group that forcefully pushed down a gate at Lincoln Park to gain access. Jacobs's video shows that the incident took place outside of the fence.

In the police report it says that Jacobs violently resisted arrest and even reached for an officer's pepper ball gun, although Jacobs and his attorney don't agree. They both are saying that he was on the ground too fast for anything like that to happen.

Jacobs and his attorney are working to file a lawsuit now although they are finding it hard to collect evidence. Essentailly they want access to police body cameras from the incident.

As mentioned the Denver Police Department is investigating the incident and a medical report shows that a doctor couldn't identify sexual abuse from the incident.

Jacobs is still facing a felony charge for attempting to disarm a police officer and will be back in court on September 28th.

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