You owe it to yourself to visit Grand Mesa this weekend. Perhaps a trip to Powderhorn. Maybe visit Collbran for breakfast. How about a trip to the lakes to play in the snow?

Have you been up on the Mesa lately? Until about two weeks ago, I hadn't visited the area in a couple of years. Why? I don't know. Grand Mesa is magnificent. There are hundreds of things you could do. Here are a few suggestions.

The video at top was shot in May 2016. I took my little dog up to play in the snow. He loved the stuff. Check him out at 32 seconds. After he died, I pretty much forgot about visiting the area. If you have pets, head up towards the visitor's center and enjoy the deep snow.

How about breakfast in the town of Mesa? You could swing by Blink Twice. Then again, you could have lunch at the Wagon Wheel. People used to a drive to Mesa just to visit the Wagon Wheel. It has always been a very popular getaway for Grand Junction residents.

Perhaps a walk on the trail at Plateau Creek in Collbran is in order. I stopped by the trail two weeks ago. It's a paved trail, accessible to those in wheelchairs. From time to time the water gets a little high and the trail is closed. It has been a long time since I've seen that happen.

While in Collbran, be sure to visit the American Servicewomen's Memorial. Did you know this memorial was the first monument in the United States dedicated to servicewomen? The memorial, dedicated in 1991, is on the main drag in Collbran. Free parking is located right next to the memorial. The United States military branches are represented, including the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. The memorial is not specific to any war period.

How about Powderhorn? I haven't skied in close to ten years. About two weeks ago I realized I had a vacation day I needed to burn off. I went out to the garage and removed the cobwebs, literally, from my old skis, and put them back to use. Okay, so I'm 30 pounds heavier than I was ten years ago and couldn't get my ski pants to zip up. So what? My jacket is pretty baggy, and as a result, nobody noticed my pants weren't zipped or buttoned.

The Grand Mesa is there for you to enjoy. I was born in this town, and yet forget to visit. You can do a lot of exploring in just half a day. A few hours, three or four gallons of gas, and lunch money, and you're good to go. Make a point to visit the Mesa before the winter weather says goodbye.

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