Make a trip to the Grand Mesa to visit an awesome memorial dedicated to American servicewoman. It's free, local, and only a short drive from the valley. The next chance you get, head to Collbran for the American Servicewomen's Memorial.

Did you know the memorial in Collbran was the first monument in the United States dedicated to servicewomen?

The memorial, dedicated in 1991, is on the main drag in Collbran. Free parking is located right next to the memorial.

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The United States military branches are represented, including the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. The memorial is not specific to any war period.

Nearby markers provide a history of the memorial, as well as a list of sponsors.

Following your visit to the memorial, take a short walk to the North (I think... I get turned around easily) to a pleasant little stream and walkway. Be sure to visit the local merchants while you're there. Several small restaurants are open, even during early morning hours.

Make the drive to Collbran to visit the American Servicewomen's Memorial. The drive from Grand Junction to Collbran comes in at roughly 45 minutes. The drive alone is worth it. Please remember, this was the first servicewomen memorial in the country. The fact it's located in a pleasant small town in Western Colorado makes it all the more awesome.