Okay so it's not REALLY from Miranda, but it IS from her Pink Pistol Store in Texas!

My mom was in Lindell, Texas visiting her best friend and after visiting the Glass Outhouse they visited Miranda Lambert's store, The Pink Pistol!

Their Facebook page bills the store as a Wine Bar & Gift Shop and says,

The Pink Pistol is a very unique store inspired by Miranda Lambert. The store was originally created as a hobby and a way to promote business in her adopted hometown of Tishomingo Oklahoma. Because of the great success as well as new growth in the downtown Tishomingo area, Miranda has cast a new vision in hopes that her childhood hometown, Lindale Texas will experience the same excitement.

My mom's so nice, not only did she get me a gift she even let me open it early!

Miranda Lambert's Pink Pistol
Linda Rowland

It's a match box!

Unfortunately you can't shop online for stocking stuffers, according to staff,

Both Pink Pistol stores want their customers to enjoy the experience of visiting our locations therefore we have elected not to make our products available online. The experience to come and see her vision and her personality at each store is well worth the road trip! In one word, the store is an "experience.


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