What is your favorite movie of all time? It came up this week and we decided to have some fun and find out what films people have watched the most in Grand Junction. 

We asked Western Colorado "What Is One Movie You're Confident You've Seen At Least 10 Times?

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Movies Grand Junction Colorado Never Got Tired of Watching

What I really enjoyed about sharing this topic and talking to you about your answers was how many films I was reminded of as the list grew and grew. For every one of those people on social media who asks for some recommendations on what movies to watch here comes a fantastic list. Chances are you may find a movie you have never seen that is about to become a new favorite.

Grand Junction Colorado Shares Our Favorite Movies

New or old, there are no wrong answers here. Is there a movie that you have watched over and over and still love? Do some movies just become fun to watch or have on in the background? I could watch Tombstone just about every day. I would also not complain about having to watch Back to the Future over and over again. What about you? Do you have a favorite movie you re-watch that was set in someplace in Colorado?

Check Out the Movies Grand Junction Loves to Re-watch the Most

Scroll through the list of titles below and see if your favorite film comes up on the list. We've also included instructions on how to add your favorite movie to the list of answers coming up below.

Fill up your favorite soda, get the butter on that popcorn, and let's head to the movies!

Grand Junction Colorado Shares Movies We Love to Watch the Most

Is there a movie you love that you have seen more than ten times? We asked you for your favorites and included the top 50 answers below. Let's binge-watch some flicks! 

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