There's a new product on the market, and this one comes to us directly from the owner of a locally owned and operated downtown Grand Junction, Colorado store. I'm not sure, but this one is a bit suspicious.

There's a concert event coming to Grand Junction featuring a legendary entertainer. With that, a local business owner has put an all-new spin on merchandising.

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Amazing Concert Event Coming to Grand Junction Colorado

Crystal Gayle is coming to Grand Junction's historic Avalon Theatre on Wednesday, April 27, 2022. Everyone I know is buying tickets. Crystal Gayle brings a certain universal appeal with her.

With that, it's safe to say just about every red-blooded male has at some point in time had a crush on her. I certainly have. Apparently, so has another Grand Junction resident.

Here's the Story Behind This Product

Chris Brown, owner and operator of Brown's Cycles in Grand Junction, Colorado, shared this earlier today (Wednesday, March 30, 2022) on Facebook:

In the early 80’s I rode a tandem (with a blind guy on the back) from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek. As the Crystal Gayle blasted away in the cassette deck he responded. “I love Crystal Gayle. I would drink her bath water.” She is coming to GJ in April. For anybody that wants to pedal on down to the Avalon…. In the mean time we are selling commemorative bottles of her bath water for $2 each. Supplies are somewhat limited as it is a finite resource or at least until she takes a shower.

It's Been Done Before

Do you remember when an Instagram star sold her own bathwater for $3 a bottle? She ended up selling out in three days. Question: How do you sell out of bathwater? She's taken precisely one bath in her life? Wouldn't bathwater be considered a renewable resource?

Get Yours Today

Like the Facebook post says, these are available for $2 each. In the meantime, tickets are still available for Crystal Gayle at the Avalon Theatre.

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