What do you want for Christmas? According to an online poll, most people would prefer a 100 bill. Most people would rather have cash than a gift card.

Gift cards, however, are easy you pick one up while you are doing your grocery shopping and it's all done.

Or are you more personable perhaps you like to pick out the perfect gift for that someone special or maybe you even make your gift?

I say it all depends on the person whether to buy something, make something homemade or give them cash.

Most of my family members get homemade mittens; these are fun to make and a great stress reliever. Other family members will get gift cards and cash. It is always fun to see the look on a child's face when they receive money or a jar full of one dollar coins. I had one niece I gave a pot full of dollar coins, and it was like getting a treasure chest full of money. How do you like to give? Do you bake cookies candies, pies, or fruit cake and give to your loved ones?

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