Have you ever found something and returned it to their rightful owner? What good deed have you done? I know there are many out there who have done random acts of kindness. What is your moral compass?

I know I try to do the right thing I try to bless others with what God has given me. It always surprises me to see kids that are so kind — for instance, those three kids who rode up to a house and returned a wallet with 700.00 inside.

Their parents must be so proud of them. I too hope they got a reward for their good deed. Have you ever found anything valuable? One time when I was swimming in the ocean I saw a necklace, it was 18 k Gold. I still have it to this day, for the longest time I did not know what the emblem meant until one day I was at an airport and someone told me it meant God but in Arabic. What have you ever found by accident?

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