So, there are numerous ways to saving money one is budgeting and hiding it. Another is hoarding your money. Still, people bury their money. I had a caller today from Grand Junction his name is Dennis and he still buries his money in a plastic peanut butter jar because plastic doe, not disintegrate. Another woman called from Grand Junction who hides her money in her boots. She said you can even wear your boots with money in the toe.

One of my friends says he just doesn't spend money unless he absolutely has to. He buries his money in his back yard he is one of those doomsday preppers. Seriously he says he just doesn't trust banks.

My Dad use to bury his money on our property when I was growing up. I found a can of silver full of coins in an old tobacco can. I had to give it back but I thought I struck it rich.

Where do you hide your money?

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