With Valentine's Day coming up fast, love is in the air here in Colorado. We hope you have your bae's gift all picked out and that you are all set with plans for a fun weekend.

Did the NFL realize what they would be doing to everyone's Valentine's weekend by planning the big game the day before Valentine's? How many fans might wake up disappointed in the Superbowl and then accidentally forget that it's Valentine's Day?

You can scroll down to find the link back to the original question of the day which can be answered each morning on our station Facebook page, OR, you can send us your audio answer with our free mobile app just like Jo did. Her favorite celebrity crush is Patrick Swayze.

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Colorado's Favorite Celebrity Crushes

This week we asked you on the morning show if you had a celebrity crush growing up, or a celebrity heartthrob that you fell for back in the day? Did you watch all their movies or buy all their albums? Who was it?

Did You Have A Celebrity Crush Growing Up?

Many of the celebrity crush's who have been spotted in  Grand Junction over the years and made our list came from the 80s and 90s pop culture. Some of the answers in the photo gallery below take us back to some great tv shows or movies from those eras. While some of these celebrities might have been very easy on the eyes back them, some of them are not so easy to look at now.

Who Are Grand Junction Colorado's Celebrity Crushes?

Check out the shout-outs from our listeners and the photos of our favorite crushes. Some images are from back in the day, while other photos show what these stars are up to in 2021.

We even had a couple of folks tell us their crush back in the day was the person they ended up married to like Mitch who is now celebrating 42 years of marriage with his best friend. Congratulations you guys!

Grand Junction Colorado Shouts Out to Our Favorite Celebrity Crushes

We asked you who was your secret crush growing up? Was there an actor or actress that you could not get enough of? Scroll down through memory lane and see which celebs from the 80s and 90s and beyond made this list the most.

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We're scrolling through a timeline of Grand Junction history with a look at fun facts you may or may not have known from 1882 to 2020.

Grand Junction Colorado Sounds off About Frustrating Roads and Streets

We all have a couple of streets in town we try to stay off of as much as possible. We asked you to tell us which roads in Grand Junction, Fruita, or Palisade are the most frustrating to drive. It seems everyone voted twice for Patterson Road. Now let's scroll on to see the other places we try to avoid.

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