Win $1,000 Grand Prize this October IF you grow the heaviest pumpkin on the Western Slope!

That's a BIG if, because I'm challenging all comers!

I got ALL six of my seeds started this weekend!

No, I really don't have the room for six GIANT pumpkins, but I figure I need as many chances as I can get, to win!

The experts say to file the edges with an emery board until you see the brown line on the inside (see above).

Then to germinate them in wet paper towels (see below).

Mack Dodge

Once they sprout, plant them indoors until Mothers Day, when it should be warm enough out to avoid freezing.

Be warned! I also stopped by a local shop and picked up the products that were used to grow the World's Largest Pumpkin!

The guy that sold them to me said,

Put it in the ground and get out of the way

Apparently he used it on his jalapenos last year and they were the size of bananas!

I'll keep you updated with pics and videos of my soon to be GIANT pumpkins every month.

One question, how am I going to move it when it does turn into a GIANT? Suggestions below please!

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