When Western Colorado gets hit with snow, or in the case of recent weather, rain and slush and muck, some of the most popular trails tend to become a bit soggy and difficult to walk. Then again, some people get off on soggy and difficult. When the weather gets crummy, what's the best local trail to hike?

Check out the National Weather Service's predictions for Western Colorado for the week of January 14, 2019.

National Weather Service

Tuesday is a 40% chance of yuck, followed by a 60% chance of sludge on Wednesday. Thursday is a 30% chance of goop, followed by a 60% chance of yuck on Thursday. There's a chance of goop on Friday, too.

Personally, I love snow. Not a lot, ya know, and not necessarily for weeks at a time, but I do love it. Hiking is pretty awesome, too. Here in Western Colorado, snow and hiking can be a match made in heaven.

Waylon Jordan

The Audubon Trail is paved and well maintained. Even under snowy conditions, the trail is level and mostly clear. Do be careful, though, since some icy conditions do exist.

Little Park Road and Bangs Canyon can be a little rough in the snow. The trails are well marked, and most remain visible even in heavy snow. Trails such as Gunny Loop, which are normally easy, can suddenly require a higher degree of skill.

You will notice signs on Little Park asking people to avoid trails when muddy. Hiking and biking under those conditions can damage the trails.

Waylon Jordan

After last week's snow/rain/slush mess, Lunch Loop was an absolute disaster. What looked like ice was, in fact, some kind of nasty slush-like-funk. I discovered this only after I had shoes filled with goop. I sincerely hope it was semi-frozen mud.

For some, this is an awesome time to hit the trails. Temperatures are low, the scenery "wow" factor is high, and traffic on the trails is at a minimum. Be one of the few to take advantage of the magnificent outdoor fun Western Colorado offers this time of year and hit the trails.