A new flag went up at the summit of Mt. Garfield last Thursday, July 4, 2019.

The flag pole seen in the video above was placed at the summit a little over two years ago. As you can see in the video, wind is strong, and fairly constant, at the top of Mt. Garfield. For this reason, the average flag lasts about three or four months at best. On July 4, it was time to replace the flag.

The team of two set out at 4:45 a.m. from the parking area at the base of Mt. Garfield. At that early hour, we were the only people on the trail. When we reached the halfway mark, we looked back and counted 23 cars in the parking lot. This was probably the busiest I've ever seen it. It seems people wanted to beat the heat and get the climb done early.

I've made this hike many times, but never at 5 o'clock in the morning. The sunrise brings out some magnificent colors.

Waylon Jordan

Upon reaching the flag pole, a few repairs were in order before swapping out the flags. A little rope, a few odds and ends, and we were ready to raise the new flag.

flag raise july 4 2019
Waylon Jordan

Even though we set out first, by the time we reached the top, a group of about eight people caught up to us. What can I say... we're getting old. A few volunteers were available to help get the new flag in place.

What happened to the old flag pole? A pole was located not far from this location for decades. Well, unfortunately, someone decided to tear it down and throw it over the side. If you lean over the edge of Mt. Garfield (very carefully) you can see the old pole about 1,500 feet below.

After a number of years without a flag at the summit of Mt. Garfield, it's back. There's still this matter of replacing the flag every three or four months. Flags this size can run from $40 to $100 each. If you have a flag you would care to donate, please get in touch with me at the studio, and I can get it to the proper people.

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