We expose the truth. What was going to the Prom with Keyes actually like? We have the first-hand information.

Since it is almost Prom season here in Grand Junction, let's walk down memory lane. Well, at least mine.

Somehow, someway I convinced my high school prom date and then girlfriend from 29 years ago, Mary to join the Keyes & Company Morning Show and tell us what is was like to be my date for Prom.

The year was 1989. Some of the most popular movies were Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Batman (with Michael Keaton), Back To The Future 2 and Look Who's Talking.

New Kids On the Block, Debbie Gibson and Hair Metal music ruled radio and MTV. That's when MTV ACTUALLY played music videos.

And then there was these two:

So innocent. So young.

I can not thank Mary enough for joining us and helping me relive a fun experience. Having her as my girlfriend was a very special time for me. I will always reflect on that time and on her with much love.

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