Forget the nose -- this giraffe should avoid sticking his neck in other people's business.

Trey Coulter, a student from Fayetteville, Ark., decided to get creative when asking Gabbie Foster to their prom by popping the question in front of a giraffe with a sign that read, "It might be a stretch but it would giraffe me crazy if we couldn't go to prom?"

As you can see, the giraffe that was there decided to make the moment all about him.

It's unclear if Foster said yes (we think she did -- if she didn't, she probably wouldn't have posted the photos on social media), but we do know the tweet has resonated. We'd like to think Foster's head was in the clouds after getting asked, but odds are the giraffe would've bumped her noggin out of there.

Hopefully, they'll have a good time at the dance, which won't be attended by any rif-giraffe (get it? Like riff-raff? Oh, never mind.).

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