Can you believe it's been five years? Our stomachs still hurt from laughing. Let's get Daniel Tosh to come back to Grand Junction.

There has been an A-list of comedians to come through Grand Junction, no doubt at all. Huge thanks go out to the Avalon, Mesa County Fair, Mesa Theater and all the venues and people involved bringing top-notch funny people here. Ralphie May (well, sort of), Bill Engvall, Brian Regan, and Gallagher to name just a few, but there is something about Daniel Tosh that absolutely cracks me up.

So, I am hoping that we could rally enough support and interest to make this happen. Daniel is currently in Vegas through November. How difficult would it be to have him hop on a quick flight?

Listen we are not Denver or Salt Lake City, but I am sure we could sell out at least two shows at one of our great venues.

So, if anyone knows how to get a hold of Daniel Tosh, please let him know that we would love to have him back in Grand Junction very soon!

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