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Winter wouldn't seem to be the best time of the year for horticulture activity, but in Grand Junction, it's actually the perfect time.

The City of Grand Junction is currently in the process of growing some 10,000 plants that will be used throughout the city in the upcoming planting season. The growing season actually started in September and the planting season will take place between April and June.

If you are slightly confused, let me explain.

The Horticulture Division of the Grand Junction Parks & Recreation Department is growing a majority of the plants it needs by renting out 600 square feet of space from Grow Fresh Aquaponic Farms. This process is apparently much cheaper than buying the plants from a commercial supplier. Last year the division grew about 1,800 plants using its own resources, which means they will save a ton of money on this year's budget.

You'll see beautiful flowers in downtown Grand Junction as well as many other locations around Grand Junction. If you're like me, you've probably seen these flowers around town but never really gave much thought to how they got there, or how they came to be. They definitely were not planted by some magical flower fairy.

This summer when you see the beautiful flowers in downtown Grand Junction you can appreciate the efforts that have made by the Parks and Recreation Department to not only make our city more attractive but to save the city money in the process. It's a classic example of something that happens "behind the scenes" that very few people are aware of and ever see. Just talking about this makes me anxious for spring.

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