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Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people have enjoyed the new River Park at Las Colonias in Grand Junction, but plenty of folks still have questions.

Like anything brand new, there is always going to be a learning curve until people get used to the new thing or changes that have been made. Such is the case with the new river park in Grand Junction. It's not complicated, but it has been difficult for people, especially those that haven't been there yet, to understand the layout of the park, and what exactly is going on there.

Grand Junction Parks and Rec via Facebook
Grand Junction Parks and Rec via Facebook

Grand Junction Parks and Rec has published a map that should really help clear up some of the confusion. The map shows the layout of the park and some brief explanations.

First of all, you need to understand this is not a traditional map where the north is at the top.  In this case, south is at the top of the map and north is at the bottom. It's the view you would have if you were facing the river - which makes it a whole easier to understand the layout.

On the left side of the map, you'll find a green "go" sign. This is where the floating begins on the lazy river. You can follow the river all the way down to the end where there is a red "stop" sign, and this is where floaters need to get out of the water.

Along the way are a number of connected channels that are not intended for tubers and swimmers. These are closed to tubers as both a safety measure as well as to keep people off the river island habitats. However, the channels are accessible for those with the proper equipment.

Another thing to notice is the ponds on the east side of the park -- on the left side of the map above. Swimming and tubing are not allowed in these ponds, however, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards are permitted.

The river park is a great place for the Grand Valley to enjoy some water fun. We always want to remind folks to be cautious and to keep a close eye on children. The water park is safe for everyone, but, anytime, there is water involved, there naturally comes a certain element of danger.

On another note, please don't leave your trash on the ground and obey all the signs so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of this park for many years to come. It's our park, let's all do our part to take care of it.

Riverfront at Las Colonias Park

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