Colorado has a lot to offer in the winter, from skiing to sledding to snowy mountain cabins.

However, there are downsides to colder weather in Centennial State. You'll have to be more careful on the roads, pack on extra layers of clothing, and get up early to clean off your car on a snowy day.

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The idea of a morning alarm clock and freezing temperatures may cause you to avoid scraping the snow off of your vehicle. You might think that a simple swipe of your windshield wipers is enough — but it isn't.

Colorado police are issuing citations for snow-covered cars

The Boulder Police Department (BPD) recently revealed on Twitter that they are citing drivers in snow-covered vehicles.

The agency shared a picture of a car an officer had given a citation to on 30th Street. The vehicle was covered entirely in snow save for a tiny clearing on the driver's side windshield.

"This isn't safe for anyone," said BPD in the tweet. "We know it takes time to clean off your car, but it's about everyone's safety. It's also the law."

The Post Independent notes that, while driving with snow on your car isn't technically illegal in Colorado, you are liable if snow or ice on the windshield is obstructing your vision.

There's another winter driving habit to be aware of in Colorado

Colorado police are also advising drivers to avoid leaving their running cars unattended — a practice known as "puffing."


Unlike having a snowy vehicle, puffing is illegal in the Centennial State because it often results in auto theft.

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