The next time you find yourself at the Triple Tree Tavern in Clifton, take a look straight up. You'll notice dollar bills, hundreds of them, attached to the ceiling. Just how much money do you suppose is up there?

I paid a visit to the Triple Tree Tavern last Sunday afternoon to hear Goodman Unplugged hosting a jam session. Before long the sight of hundreds of objects dangling from the ceiling caught my attention. Until that moment, I had completely forgotten about all of the dollar bills which have been on that ceiling for years.

You'll see the dollar bills directly over the bar. The bills are typically wadded up, with something in the middle fastening them to the ceiling.

If one were to take those dollar bills down, they could afford to buy the bar several rounds of drinks. Actually, they would be able to make a month's mortgage payment.

How much money is up there? I haven't a clue. I can be obsessive, but there's no way I'm going to spend the time or effort needed to count them all.

I utilized a "poor man's" method of trying to determine the precise dollar value of that ceiling. There are areas where it's safe to say there are roughly five dollars per square foot. Conservative estimates would put the area occupied by bills at somewhere around 150 square feet.

Crunch those numbers and you get $750. Personally, I would say there's more than that.

Why would the patrons of the Triple Tree Tavern do this? I asked the bouncer, but he had no idea. Is this part of some local tradition?

According to Yahoo Answers, the reason for this behavior is as follows:

Yahoo Answers

This sounds reasonable. As interesting as this is, it also seems like a difficult way to get tips. In any event, it's really cool. Next time you're in the neighborhood, give it a shot. If you want to go ahead and count them all, knock yourself out.

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