It's amazing how bold and brazen thieves can be.

Sometimes Shoplifting Is Sneaky, Sometimes It Isn't

Shoplifting is an ongoing problem in the retail world - probably bigger than most of us know or realize. Even in today's world of advanced technology where it seems like our every move is being watched people find a way to make off with merchandise without paying for it.  Usually, it happens so sneakily and discreetly, but sometimes the thief doesn't even try to hide the crime.

Can You Help Solve This Crime In Clifton?

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office is trying to identify a guy involved recently in a theft at Murdoch's in Clifton. We have a pretty good surveillance photo of the man as well as a video showing him jumping into a getaway vehicle. Doesn't it feel a little disheartening that we have people like this living in our community?

Mesa County Sheriff's Office
Mesa County Sheriff's Office
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Here's How the Theft Happened At Murdoch's

The crime occurred a few days ago at Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply in Clifton. The suspect swiped a Dewalt Tool Kit and ran out of the store using an emergency exit. He was last seen climbing into a dark-colored, small to medium-sized 4-door sedan with a dent on the driver's side.

Mesa County Sheriff's Office
Mesa County Sheriff's Office

Do You Recognize This Guy?

If you have any information about this crime or the identity of the suspect, you can contact the Mesa County Sheriff's Office at 970-242-6707, or submit an anonymous tip through Mesa County Crime Stoppers. Information you provide could lead to a financial reward.

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