Construction is winding up on the roundabout of Horizon Drive and I-70. 

Almost a year or so in the planning and rebuilding, the once 'failed' intersection is trying the roundabout on for size.

Love them or hate them, roundabouts are here. There is plenty of solid statistics that do show roundabouts are much safer:

'According to the Federal Highway Administration roundabouts have nearly 89 percent less pedestrian injuries in crashes and a 78 percent decrease of fatal and injury accidents.CDOT says that intersections with roundabouts are nearly five times more safe than intersections with traffic signals.“There is actually 32 possible locations where you might conflict with another vehicle, at a roundabout you have 8,” said Zane Znamenacek.'

But, personally, I do not like them. Mainly it is because so many people do not know how to drive through them. They cross over two or three lanes while inside the roundabout you CAN NOT do that. Stay in your pre-chosen lane. You must think ahead while approaching roundabouts. Choose your lane before entering and remain in that lane until you are through. There is no lane changing inside a roundabout.


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