The town of Fruita has been taking suggestions for almost a year. What to do to spruce up their I-70 exit?

We are taking your ideas and thoughts on what Fruita should do.

Officials said it will likely be a multi-million dollar investment for this project. One of the main goals is to attract more tourists to their area.

Some ideas have been flown about. To somehow reflect the Monument. Another is to ramp up the dinosaur theme, everyone loves dinosaurs. Some have said just simple, lush vegetation is very appealing to the eye.

Whatever they decide, I sure hope they are 150 per cent confident and solid in there choice. There's no turning back.





"I think I would like to see more vegetation, especially during the summer," said Collis.

"The dinosaur theme is also amazing, so I kind of think you should stick with that," said Georgia Stewart who is visiting from Canada.

The goal is to attract more tourists.

"We immediately noticed the Fruita signs with the gear on it and were like, ‘Yeah that's awesome!’" said Stewart.

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