This is the roundabout at the intersection of Park and Meander Drive in Grand Junction. You ever wonder what in the world these sheep are doing there? And how they got there?

I searched the information highway and came up with Jim Dolan as the sculptor. So, I sent him a message through Facebook asking him to give us the story about how he came to be the artist chosen, why he picked sheep and exactly WHAT are the sheep looking at?

After hearing back from his daughter, I finally did get an e mail back from Mr. Dolan. Here is his story of the 'roundabout sheep.'

Hi, I’m Jim Dolan, the sculptor who created the sheep sculpture you have inquired about.

I was picked because the developer had seen my previous works.  I live near Bozeman and his son was a student at Montana State University, Bozeman.  I have a number of sculptures in the area.

Why sheep?  When the developer acquired the land it was a long time farm.  The developer knew the farmer and wanted to use the sheep as a marker in  time to show the past.

What year?  I think about 2006.

The sheep are glancing at the location of the now removed sheep barn.

The sheep are sculpted from steel and powder coated for color and protection.


Ha! Now we know the story. The sheep are looking at something that is no longer there-an old barn. Well, mystery solved.

Are there any sculptures or objects that you have always wondered about? Let me know and I will see what I can find out!

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