We don't need. We don't want it. That seems to be the majority feeling on the proposed Redlands roundabout.

The CDOT is looking to put a roundabout at Broadway and the Riverside Parkway in the Redlands and the residents are speaking out. Many are not in favor of this possibility. One resident was quoted:

[If] they go right ahead and do it anyway, that tells me that they don’t give a hoot about spending the money, magic money out of Denver, and they don’t give a hoot about what the people want,”

Unfortunately, the CDOT has final veto power over these types of decisions. The residents are not happy with that either.

My feeling is, being that the United States is a democracy (I think), is it so wrong to let the people who actually DRIVE these roads have a say? Isn't that what our country is based upon?

Shouldn't we have a say in these types of issues? Especially if they are in OUR own neighborhoods.

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