June means Father's Day and that's why this month we're providing resources for your families unsung hero - Father's!

As you can see in the above video my husband may need a daddy training camp to review SAFETY!

Today we’re chatting with our local expert Jillian, a nurse with the Mesa County Health Department about the importance of Fathers in a family, as well as some local resources offered to men!

Hilltop's Families First offers a workshop, "Training Camp for Dads", to promote positive fatherhood, to provide rookie dads with the vital information you need when you bring home your baby!

Fathers are more than 2nd adult in the home! Involved fathers bring positive benefits to the home that no one else can bring, as well as support the mother! Fathers effect kids behavior, self-esteem and mental health, plus a male role model helps provide children with a leadership role.

This camp helps men understand & partners them with a mentor dad and other dads that are going through the same thing!

To sign up contact Hilltop's Families First at 244-0460

For more resources tune in for another “Got Kids” segment with the Partnership for Children & Families at 9:40 every Friday. Find them on Facebook and be sure to check out their Online ‘Got Kids’ Road Map.

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