As warmer temperatures continue to climb to higher altitudes, Colorado's glaciers are at a crossroads.

For some, their demise is still several decades away, for others, there is not a lot of time to get up and see them. Let's take a look at the glaciers in Colorado and plan on hiking them soon.

St Mary's Glacier - Idaho Springs

This out and back trail is almost 2 miles, but boy is the payoff awesome. Starting in April you can get out and hike to one beautiful spot. And as long as you keep it on a leash, you can bring your dog, too. Beautiful views and a not too difficult hike make this one hike you are going to want to take.

Near Boulder lies the Isabelle Glacier. Your journey will start at the Long Lake trailhead in the Brainard Recreation area. Get there early, though because spots fill up fast. Along the way, the trail passes by a lake, waterfalls and more as you head to the glacier.  The view from the top is astounding.

Andrews Glacier - Rocky Mountain National Park

The best time for this hike is in the summer. But is a moderately difficult hike so make sure you're prepared.  Make sure your phone is charged because there are plenty of pics to take, including Alberta Falls. If you bring your fishing pole you might even get a little fishing in at the Loch. The glacier is one amazing place.

Boulder's water needs were once taken care of by the Arapahoe Glacier and most experts feel the Arickaree won't last another 20 years. Head to the Rainbow Lakes Campground on County Road 116 where you will hike around 12 miles and go up in elevation around 2,700 feet. It's worth every step.

If you've never seen these places, make this summer your year.

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