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If you are going on a hike in Colorado plan your trip and don't try to take shortcuts. The 14ers have posted some online videos to help you with your next climb. If you plan on doing in hikes on some of the largest peaks in the Country there are things you should know.

If you are planning your trip this website the 14ers.com  is a must, it shows you peak, routes, peak conditions, trailhead, and weather information. I use to love to hike I loved the adventure and the beauty. If you are planning any sort of hike or climb take your safety precautions.

1. Make sure you are physically fit for the climb or hike planned.

2. If this is one of your first climbs start with an easy route and don't overexert yourself.

3. Have maps or a trail guide and communication like a cell phone in case you run into trouble. For more information on your first climb and how to proceed click here

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