Colorado hikers ran for their lives while hiking 14er Mount Princeton this weekend. The hikers ran from the lightning storm while their hair stood straight up.

This past weekend on Saturday (July 6) hikers were forced to run for their lives. While over 30 people were hiking Mt. Princeton, one hiker, Ally Ondecheck, felt a sharp pain on her toe. It hurt, so much so that she screamed.

Then, other hikers yelled to her 'your hair, static!' -- her hair was standing straight up. This is when the hikers knew they had to get out of there.

According to Ally Ondechek's post in a Colorado hiking Facebook group, over 30 hikers ran for lives down the summit of Mount Princeton. It was hailing as hiker abandoned their poles, and helped other hikers get off the summit and away from the electricity.

Ally said the whole time they were descending, which took about 30 minutes, they could feel the static the entire time.

According to Chris Tomer from KDVR, certain 14ers block your view of what kind of weather is headed your way. This makes it difficult to prepare for what might be coming. Chris also added that it doesn't take a full-on lightning storm to generate electricity.

When your hair is standing up it means you're a part of the lightning storm's circuit -- which means, you need to get away and break it. Thankfully, no one was injured from the lightning/running from the lightning at Mount Princeton, or any other 14ers this weekend.

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