I don't know about you, but I re-use ALL my grocery bags and I don't think a 5¢ per bag fee would make me bring re-usable bags to the store with me! What about you?

In case you haven't heard the Denver City Council is reviewing a proposal that would charge grocery and convenience store customers FIVE cents for every paper or plastic bag they use . . .

Regardless of how little it costs I think it's a silly fee, I think MOST of us re-use our grocery bags for so many things that the fee would NOT encourage me to bring re-usable bags with me to the store.

I actually use SO many I had my friend Sharron make me one of these cool bag holders!

Sharron Cook

Now if I've done the math correctly it would cost me a whole WHOPPING $1 if I was to get 20 bags. Pretty affordable since I use them for things like:

  1. Stinky diapers
  2. Taking things from my house to moms
  3. Giving away fruit and vegggies to others
  4. Stuffing for packing boxes
  5. and MORE!

What do you re-use your plastic bags for? Place your feedback in the comment section below for Mack to use on air!

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