I did say $290 for a paper bag! The latest fashion trend, from designer Jil Sander, is a paper lunch bag! And if that doesn't shock you wait till you see the price tag!

Fashion shows have always gone overboard, but this has to take the cake. I recently saw pictures of these "new" bags on the Daily Mail, they come in 'jet black' or 'peanut brown' (which is just a fancy name for brown paper sack if ya ask me).

So what's it gonna run ya? Try 300 bucks on for size!

I can only assume the type of people that are going to spend that kind of cash on a paper bag, when they could get a perfectly good one for free at their local grocery store, must be toting around caviar, and truffle infused snacks for lunch.

Oh and if that's not high class enough for ya, they also offer a black leather option for $630.

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