When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. When the weatherman gives you triple-digit heat - you bake chocolate chip cookies.

Can You Cook Inside A Hot Car?

I've always wanted to try sun-baked cookies and this week's triple-digit Colorado heat seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. I figured all I need is some cookie dough, a cookie sheet, and a hot vehicle. But, will it work? Can you actually bake cookies on the dashboard of a hot vehicle?

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I'm about to find out if you really can use a hot vehicle as an oven. My sun-baked cookie experiment is chronicled below. Perhaps you will be inspired to give it a try yourself.

How To Make Sun Baked Cookies in Colorado

Sure, there are easier ways to bake cookies - I think it's called an oven. But, the earth has its own natural way of cooking. It's a natural heat source called the sun - and there's just something special about chocolate chip cookies fortified with the energy of the Colorado sun. It was a two-day process for me - with one failed attempt. Here's my story of how to make sun-baked chocolate chip cookies.

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